Troubleshooting reservations

Got a problem making reservations? Check this page to find a solution.

What if the item looks like it's available, but you can't reserve it?

Here's a few possible reasons why you can't complete the reservation:

The item is overdue
The item is in buffer time

Sometimes people don't return tools in time. When that happens, the tools becomes 'overdue' in the inventory, and you can't reserve it anymore because we don't know when it will return.

In this situation, the reserve button has a lighter colour. When clicking the button, the system will let you know there's none available. Unfortunately, all you can do is wait until it's brought back.

As you can see by the red colour, this item is overdue and not available.

If an item is returning (because someone else borrowed it) on the same day you want to make a reservation, you will get an error. The reason is that we don't allow same day loans & reservations.

We've explained why this happens in the section on reserving items. The solution is to make a reservation for the next time we are open, when the buffer period has ended.