Research projects & internships

Interested in researching on / interning at Tournevie? Yes, you can!

Want to do research?

Are you searching for a thesis subject or a topic for a regular paper? Are you carrying out research on the sharing economy, circular economy, civic engagement or other related topics?

You've come to the right address. We gladly collaborate with scholars for surveys, inspiration or joint projects. Many people have done so already, so don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Want to do an internship at Tournevie?

Since late 2017, we are teaming up with VUB university to create opportunities for students to do internships at Tournevie. However, if you are studying elsewhere you're more than welcome as well.

At Tournevie, you can sharpen your organisational skills, develop technical competences or you might carry out a specific project in line with your studies.

Project management, volunteer management, communications, ... Anything goes. We're open to any suggestion. Get in touch with [email protected].

Looking for some examples?

Common Good Balance Sheet
Common Good Balance Sheet

Ever heard of the Common Good Balance Sheet popularized by Christian Felber? Check out Felber's inspirational TED-talk in which he explains it all, in particular starting at minute 7.

We'd like someone to analyze Tournevie according to the balance sheet, to compare it with others as well as to make suggestions how we can do better in the future towards the common good.

We will add more examples of research topics as time goes on, or if anyone sends us a suggestion. Feel free to inform us of your ideas.