Creating an account

For questions why and how to create an account.

Is an account necessary to borrow tools?

Everyone can browse the inventory without an account in order to find out if Tournevie has the tools they require.

However, you'll need an account when you decide to become a member. This allows you to track and extend your loans, and to make reservations.

In order to simplify your life, it's possible to create an account and reserve items immediately. The membership fee can be paid online, or in cash when you drop by the first time.

How to make an account?

It takes three simple steps to create an account:

First step
Second step
Third step
First step

Simply go to the inventory and create an account in the top right section of the screen:

Second step

Then fill in your details and read through our rules and regulations. Don't worry, it only takes a minute to read through it all.

Third step

Finally, your account screen pops up. Your address and phone number are the most important fields. These are used if we need to reach you (urgently) for problems with reservations or loans.

Is it possible to share an account (and membership)?

The idea is that every person is responsible for the tools they borrow. However, if you are a couple living together, or if you live in a cohabitation, you can use one single account for a small group of people.

This means that the person who created the account is held accountable for damages or accidents. We suggest you only share an account with people you trust 100%.

We ask and expect our members not to abuse this offer by letting all their friends use the account. After all, Tournevie needs to cover the costs for replacement and repair of its tools.