Sharing tool purchases with Tournevie

Are you considering buying a tool? Perhaps you'd like to team up with Tournevie!

Why would you want to share a tool purchase with Tournevie?

Suppose you want to get a job done with a particular tool you can't find in our inventory. Instead you'll buy it yourself, but you realize you'll only use it intensively for a limited amount of time, say one or two months.

It might be of mutual benefit to you and Tournevie to jointly purchase the tool. After you've used it those few months, you then simply hand it over to our inventory in return for an agreed upon price.

How to make such a deal?

Needless to say, the tool needs to be in good condition. Furthermore, it's probably a good idea to discuss which type of tool is jointly purchased. That means it's always a tailor-made deal.

Get in touch with us, to find out if the tool you are looking for could be useful to us and if it's something we can afford.