Tool donations

You have some unused tools lying around? We might be interested!

What type of tools do we accept?

We are always on the look-out for tools on the condition that they are of high quality. In other words, they need to be sturdy, have a long lifespan and we should be able to maintain and repair them easily.

Usually, this is the type of tools that professionals would use as well. Cheap appliances are not useful to us, especially when they are broken. You will have noticed that we're not a junk yard for shoddy tools.

How to get in touch?

So, you like our initiative, and you have spare tools you'd like to donate to help our cause? Then get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

At the least, send us a list of the tools including the brand, model and a comment in case a specific tool needs repairs. If possible, add a picture of the tool(s) as well.

What about a reward for tool donations?

It stands to reason that we are grateful for any quality tool donations. In return, we could offer you a free membership or perhaps some other custom perk to be discussed directly with our tool ninjas.

You are also more than welcome to nickname any of our tools. For instance, check the Pocket Rocket Master Blaster, the Bad Duck, the Chimichurri or Ted The Mechanic!