Starting your own tool library

Inspired by our example? Interested in joining the DIY revolution? Then check this out!

Is there a manual that you could use?

Why yes there is. In fact, there's actually a few. We'll provide you with a few handy references in the section below:

  • The most recent guide to starting a tool library that we know of was published early 2020 by Repair & Share. It's in Dutch only (see link), however. There's is English stuff as well though, see below.

  • The Sharestarter website intends to collect information related to setting up your own tool library or library of things. Their starter kit is a bit dated (from 2012) but is definitely a good starting point.

  • The library of things in Vienna made a visually more appealing (and, as it was published in 2016, a more recent) starter kit. Also a must-read.

  • If you prefer a shorter list of pointers and arguments to start doing instead of dreaming, this long-read on Shareable (which is a great repository for sharing stories in general) will help you out.

  • Closer to home, Zeronaut has a long story about the start-up of Tournevie. There's a Dutch as well as a French version. No English, sorry!

  • A great repository of information can be found in the Google Group of North-American tool libraries. You can search earlier Q&A's, or ask the dozens of tool librarians around for advice.

  • There's also an article with tips and tricks to crowdfund a tool library. Our library was (partially) crowdfunded, and we definitely recommend it to build support as well as financial means.

Want some personal advice?

At Tournevie we've helped a number of library of things and tool libraries in Belgium with advice, templates, procedures and guided visits on how to run things.

Pretty much everything we use is open source and is shared upon request. Since we want as many libraries out there as possible, we encourage you to get in touch at [email protected] for guidance.

As of late the different libraries in Belgium have started exchanging views in order to help each other out. If you want to join this group, then simply let us know and we'll get you in the loop.