Extending your loans

You can extend your loans online. Find out how.

How long can you extend loans online?

You can extend your loans with one extra week. That means individual members can have up to two weeks loan duration, organisations up to three weeks.

How do you use the inventory to extend loans?

Check the loans page in your account menu. This page gives an overview of all your current and past loans. As the menu indicates, you are able to self-renew loans after the halfway point in the loan.

Why not earlier? Well, we want to encourage you to get the job done quickly, and give others the opportunity to make a reservation for popular items.

After the halfway point, you will see a button appear thanks to which you can extend your loan:

Note that before the halfway point, the renewal button and the amount of renewals (i.e. 1) is not displayed

Can I also reserve items instead of extending them?

Some people make a reservation for an item they have already borrowed, when they figure out they still need it after one week. Please don't do that, as the item will not be prolonged automatically.

What happens is that if such an item is reserved, our volunteers will find out the item isn't there when they prepare all the reservations. Your reservation will simply remain unfulfilled.

The end result is that your item will not be prolonged, but it will become 'overdue', resulting in a fine for every item you've borrowed.