Got some spare time? Passionate about tools and tinkering? Then join us!

What are we looking for?

Frankly, we can use all the help we can get! Whatever your professional background and other competences, there's always something that could be put to good use at Tournevie.

We have a few different crews. To give you an idea which one you can join, here's a short description with some basic prerequisites:

Tool Librarians
Tool Ninjas
Tool Ambassadors
Tool Comptrollers

They assist members during opening hours, and are thus the operating backbone of Tournevie. Librarians register incoming and outbound tools, have a chat with members and keep it all going.

Prerequisites: a tendency to smile a lot to members and strangers alike. Because Brussels is a true melting pot, speaking multiple languages is a big plus.

These are our very own tool experts. They usually have the DIY trait burned into the core of their DNA. Ninjas keep our tools in perfect condition, and purchase new tools and consumables.

Prerequisites: a tendency to want to open up and repair electrical appliances. Having a pair of agile hands and some technical background are quite naturally a big plus.

They the diplomats, the verbose phrasemongers and the social media whizzkids. They take care of our communication, and liaise with citizens and partners to spread the DIY virus.

Prerequisites: a tendency to build a network wherever they go. Having writing, translating and verbal skills come in handy.

They count the cash and keep our finances in good shape. Comptrollers keep us informed of how we can spend our money, and how many tool requests we can honor.

Prerequisites: a tendency to be precise and responsible with other people's money. Some experience with bookkeeping and similar skills are pretty useful here.

How to join?

Feel free to drop by during opening hours at any of our workshops. Otherwise, contact olivier@tournevie.be and let us know how you want to help out.

In particular if you feel motivated to help out during opening hours as a tool librarian, it's good to mention how often and/or on which days you can join us.